Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our House

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while. It's because I've been avoiding you. Because you're all jinxes.

Not really. But sort of.

While I'm not superstitous or really believe in "luck", I do have a silly belief in the Jinxing Ratio. To me, the likelyhood that you can jinx an event increases in direct proportion with the frequency that you talk about the aforementioned event. (I also have a Ceiling Fan/Car Motor/Windshield Wiper/Anything Mechanical That Has Moving Parts Or That Makes Noise Consistantly And That Includes You, Server At Work That Never, EVER Ceases To Run Phobia, but that's not really relevant to this post. Sorry.) Therefore, the blog silence.

I was completely justified. Everyone knew that we were closing last Friday and getting married that afternoon. And while, ultimately, I'm kidding about the Jinxing Ratio....we ended up neither closing nor marrying last Friday. Imagine that.

Baby Jay was born, though. That made up for it. More on that later.

It was all the banks fault that we didn't close. But even though it caused some drama that day, I think that it's worked out for the best--which is really the case of everything that you leave in the Lord's hands, isn't it? Because we successfully closed on our house yesterday with no sweat (not literally--it was like 102 degrees outside, so some sweat was involved) and even got to do the inaugural Wal-Mart trip for supplies to get the house tip-toppity for moving in. We have plenty of time to get the house set up before we get married. I have more time to pack. And shop.

See? Things really do work out for the best. 


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  1. it was worth the wait! I'm so happy for you guys to be starting a beautiful life together in a beautiful new home! Can't wait for that house warming party :)