Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Candy Bars are Serious Business

This past weekend was my very best friend Adrienne's baby shower. There was plenty of good food, friends and family. Oh, and presents. Lots of presents. Adrienne had a great time.

Candy Bar Memory was a big hit (thanks, Adrienne's sister-in-law Lisa!). What is Candy Bar Memory, you ask?

Ok, I'll tell you.

You are so lucky.

Candy Bar Memory is just like the old memory games you played as a child. Remember when you laid a deck of cards all face down, then took turns flipping over two at a time to see if you could match up the cards? That's the essential gist of Candy Bar Memory.

Pictures of various candy bars are cut out and glued to a sheet of poster board, two of each variety. Then numbered cardstock covers are taped over the candy bars to hide them. Each person gets a chance to name two numbers and try to match up the candy bars. Winning is the best.

Because the prize is the candy bar you matched up.

Oh, yes. This is an awesome game.

In the beginning, people were just trying to find a match. At the end, people were desperate to get their favorite candy bar. It resulted in a couple of tense moments. Like this:

Or this:

I totally got the Almond Joy. AND the Baby Ruth.

The momma-to-be won the last bar. Since the party was for her, we didn't mind her bragging about it.

Ok, maybe we minded a little.


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