Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainy Day

It hasn't rained in, what, like a week?, and next Wednesday is the closest real chance of rain. That means the Wheelers are on sprinkler duty. Which means that Taylor has officially entered cranky summer mode.

The next Casa Wheeler will be equipped with the mechanical version of tear ducts (i.e., a sprinkler system) so that I no longer have to use mine to provide additional liquid nourishment to the freaking grass. (Picture me whiny-crying as I move a sprinkler from one thirsty patch of grass to another thirsty patch of grass.)

These are from the last time it rained, which, by the way, it did for an entire week straight.

Shirt: Gap Skirt: Gap (similar) Boots: Zappos (find your Youth size to get them for much less!)

Keeping Angel Baby dry

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