Monday, February 25, 2013

Wanna be a baller...

...shot caller, 20 inch blades on the I look appropriately gangsta here? Or does the houndstooth give away my inner preppy?

Seriously, this dressy ball cap trend is awesome. I seriously hope that the next big thing in ball caps are jeweled ones like at the J.Crew Fall 13 show here. 

Speaking of jewels, I love my new cross bracelet. I got it from one of the cutest antique shops I've been into for a long time--Vintage Treasures Antiques and More in Ozark. Seriously, they have the cutest shabby chic-type furniture and knick-knacks ever. (Obviously, the bracelet itself is neither vintage or antique. I'll have to show what I picked up there for the hizzy in another post.)

I guess when I wear it, I'll be reppin' Jesus. A gospel gansta, if you will. Now that's baller.


  1. You look appropriately the urban prepster in your attire today - oh I wish I was not too short for wellies!

    1. These are YOUTH sizes!! I'm a 7.5, and this is a Hunter Youth 6. They are pretty perfect, great room in the toes, super comfortable. You should try it out, b/c they are only $75 for the Youth sizes!!


  2. Gospel gangsta lol! I love this outfit, very cool and casual :)