Friday, February 1, 2013


Like a clock, people: 1.) French hen arm party 2.) Permanent (use oil-based, not regular) Sharpie art
3.) End of January brights 4.) More brights, with bubbles. And bows!

1.) OOTD with Nine West bow flats from TJMaxx and my 2.) new PINKPINKPINK coat

1.) Spring-y purses from Target in pink, blue, and mint 2.) Fox and dots, a.k.a. another day in January I could go bare-legged--but I did with this 3.) The palest green Nine West flats from TJMaxx

So, yeah...I did some shopping this January. But I just could not resist all this beautiful brightness--even though I am probably the last person in the world who wants winter to end. If it did, how would I wear my new pink coat??



  1. super cute pictures! I'm following you on Instagram now! My account is private, but I'll definitely approve your request if you want to follow me!

  2. Love that pink cost. What sizing info can you share?

    1. OMG sorry, I tried posting to a reply to you but it wouldn't work on my phone and I just remembered about it today! I bought a 0 in this coat--I wear a 0/XS in most J.Crew tops, although my silk French Hen shirt is a 00. HTH!