Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lazy Sunday

No SNL reference here, although I am all about some lions, witches and wardrobes. And cupcakes. Nope, just what I did on a Sunday I had completely and totally to myself. And not last Sunday...the Sunday before that. Posted on a Wednesday. Go figure.

I began the day by walking the windy streets of downtown Ozark to church in my favorite Chickie Sweater:

Then got in some puzzle action--but not too much, because I like saving puzzle time for when Brando is home:

Then watched the debates:

And contemplated the next puzzle on the puzzle agenda:

And found a home for my newest Target purchase:

And began saying my goodbyes to the fall decor, because after this weekend, it's all about Christmas in the Wheeler house:



  1. You got the sweet hen sweater - you know the hen blouse is currently on sale, think of the pairing!!!!! ;o)

    I say this partly because I am trying to keep myself from buying the hen blouse. I just ordered the puffin sweater from the factory store and figure I have enough animal tops to keep me going for a while ...

  2. Love your french hen outfit! And your blog is so cute, now following! xoxo

  3. So cute! I love chambray and red, you can never go wrong with it :) Btw cute target purchases, I really like that spikey decor :)