Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainy Days

My rainy day outfit for the soaker days we had last week here in southeast Alabama: deeply discounted J.Crew rain boots, fancy sweat leggings, a menswear top paired with a chunky necklace, and most importantly, a ridiculous grin. What? I like the rain.

Also included in this outfit, but not pictured because it just does not "go", was the only other rain gear I own, my trusty Troy University Trojans hoodie. Class of 2007, baby!

But I need a "real" rain jacket. One that repels water and has a hoodie. This one looks good, my friends, as do these other awesome items perfect for those days when it "comes a gully washer":

Gap jacket that covers almost your entire outfit (or at least it does on my shortie self)

 J.Crew galoshes (these are mine!)
Or some rainy day flats (J.Crew factory version linked) that are totally water friendly

Boyfriend jeans that roll up past puddle depth

A mini straightener for wet bangs emergencies

And a bubble umbrella to keep them looking good afterwards!



  1. Adorbs look! Love the umbrella you picked out!


    1. Thank you! I would like to check one out just to see how the bubble ones really work! I'm afraid that rain jacket is my preferred choice, though.