Friday, August 10, 2012

Matchy Matchy

Little did I know that when I purchased this awesomely cheap pencil skirt from the Crew, Brando would later very graciously gift me with a really pretty handkerchief print shirt from NYandCo, and that when those two things combined....

...they matched perfectly.

Kind of anti-climatic, wasn't it? Even when I was typing it, I was hoping for something more exciting, like they summoned Captain Planet or something. Actually, I was probably thinking that because we sing the Captain Planet theme song a lot around the Wheeler house. Don't ask why.

And don't tell Brando I told you that.


And so that you can sing it at your house too:


  1. So cute! You do a fabulous job of color matching - don't you just love finding items that go so well together but are from different stores?! Especially when it comes to an uncommon color like this, these pieces compliment each other perfectly :)


    1. It is nice, but it happens so infrequently now--it seems like everything new I get comes from J.Crew pre-matched (or mis-matched, if that's the look I'm going for)!