Tuesday, August 21, 2012

27 going on 17

This past weekend, the best friend and I "brought it back" and cheered at our high school's first ever alumni football game fundraiser. I'm so glad that they did it this particular year, because exactly 10 years ago, we were putting on our uniforms for the last first time (you read that right) at the beginning of our senior year.

But putting on your uniform at 27 is a little bit different than 17. For starters, your uniform doesn't fit anymore. Thank goodness for best friends and cheer buddies who loan you theirs. And it's a lot hotter than you remember football season being 10 years ago. And sweatier. But still lots of fun!

I discovered this Saturday that Robert Pattinson and I have something in common--chronic wonky legs. I have plenty of high school cheer pictures that look exactly like these:

But wonky legs didn't stop me from stunting like a pro with some awesome bases and spot.

And at the final whistle, we were still standing. A little worse for wear, but we made it!

Next year?


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