Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Tone

I could really live in J.Crew Maritime dresses. I have about four, and as long as the Crew keeps pumping them out in different designs, it's highly likely that I'll keep buying them. They are so perfect to me. It's nice to have something that you can just throw on without having to add all these little bits and pieces to it. Effortless.

But then again, I can't wait until it COOLS THE HECK DOWN and I can do some fancy layering and copytat this outfit:

Pinned Image

That will be in October. Late October. Ok, November. But not my birthday weekend. It's always hot on my birthday weekend. Fine, December. Except that the past couple of years, I've worn shorts on Christmas Eve. With tights, yes, but they were still shorts. On Christmas Eve.

It should cool down here around February, which is ironically about the time that it starts heating back up again.



  1. Where'd you get your shoes in the maritime dress picture? R they J.Crew? I like them lots. :)

    1. Thanks, I like them, too! They are the Trina sandals from Sam Edelman. I got mine on eBay for super cheap. You can find them online at different sites for anywhere from $60-$100.

  2. I only have the original striped maritime, but you're right, they are such easy pieces to wear. I love that peachy-pink hem on yours!

  3. I like that layered winter look too