Thursday, June 21, 2012

Old Hat

It's actually a new hat. I just bought it a couple weeks ago. But I like to use the phrase "old hat." And I like using it with an aristocratic British accent.

Brando pointed out to me this past weekend that even though I call this blog Two Wheelers, it's all about me. If that's the case, it's really his fault because he refuses to let me take pictures of him in his daily outfits. Or any pictures of him at all, really.

So to make up for never mentioning you, Brando, let me just point out that you are totally in the above picture. I'm for real on the phone with you as you're heading to work. Happy?

Speaking of old hats, our marriage is about to be one whole year old this Sunday. Maybe more about that later. If I can get B in a picture...


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