Thursday, June 7, 2012


And the last piece of pro-heel propaganda:

It's funny how things can become...other things, I guess. What I mean is, I got this outfit idea from Atlantic-Pacific:

It's almost astounding how closely I mimicked this outfit, isn't it? Just kidding--my picture has absolutely nothing in common with the one above, except for a denim shirt. (Can you see it up there? That little piece of fabric near her neck??) But that was all it took. "See what you can put your denim shirt under," I thought. "Wear some heels with it," I added. 

"And then bake a pie," I threw in for good measure.

We're lucky my inner voice is a force for good,



  1. Love the shoes and is that a buttermilk pie??

  2. What kind of pie is that?

  3. Have you ever made a pecan pie?

  4. So late on the's a buttermilk pie and it was delicious! If I am ever forced to bring something to work, this is probably what it will be since it's one of the only things I'm good at baking!

    Yes, I've made about 10 pecan pies. I can remember that number because that's also the number of pecan pies I've ruined. I cannot bake a pecan pie :(

  5. I love the shoes in your look, your outfit is a really fun, nautical take on Blair's! Buttermilk pie sounds divine!

    1. Thank you! And the pie WAS delicious!