Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dreams. And soup.

Have you ever dreamed that you were in a library that also apparently doubles as a Panera Bread, and you're walking with your broccoli cheddar soup and you pass Robert Pattinson sitting at a table but he's talking with somone who you assume is his agent, so you keep on walking into a side room where you and five other people are greeted personally by Kristen Stewart who invites you to sit down and eat your broccoli cheddar soup while watching a private preview of Breaking Dawn Part 2, but you need to walk out to get something (maybe a spoon? napkin?) and when you pass by Robert Pattinson, he is done talking with his maybe-agent and is looking around and smiling and you debate talking to him when you come back and but then all of a sudden, Patrick Stewart as Professor X from the X-Men wheels into the library/cafeteria and chastises you for eating Panera Bread and watching movies when you are supposed to be saving the planet, and so you throw your soup away sadly because, dude, the Professor just got on to you, and then all of a sudden, the wall from the movie room busts open and Kristen Stewart is fighting Captain America and you're like "Oh, snap, Kristen Stewart is a supervillian!", and you know you have to help so you run over to where Cap is half buried under some wall rubble and just when Kristen Stewart goes to deliver the death blow to Captain America, her fist goes right through his head and she looks around in amazement, and you look down at your hand gripping Cap's foot realizing that you must be Shadowcat and you're phasing Captain America and you think that's pretty cool except at the exact moment you've just discovered that you're an actual superhero, your husband wakes you up and you start the day off sad because you're not?


Also kind of sad that here's no cape to this:



  1. Cute blouse - what a lovely pattern for summer! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog :)


    1. Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog! You're outfits are too cute!