Thursday, April 12, 2012

Target Addicts Anonymous

I lurrve Target and I especially love when they get special collections in. Because I'm not sure Dothan was all that clued in to the Missoni craziness initially, I was able to snag a cute dress that was eventually showing up on eBay for like $200. The Calypso collection was bright and colorful. I never ever looked when Jason Wu's collection was in stores, but I know it sold out fast everywhere.

But Target is about to collaborate with several small boutiques starting May 6th, and some of what I'm seeing is looking very good. A resort dress covered in palm leaves and flamingos?  A very classy oversized shopping tote? Yes, please.

These two collections are looking especially good to me. Check out The Budget Babe for some really cute resort clothes from The Webster, and home decor items from Privet House.

I also was flipping through my May issue of Lucky and saw the first print ad for the Shops! There is a beauty, candy, pet and MAYBE a stationery shop as well. I'm not 100% on the stationery, though.


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