Monday, April 9, 2012

I Did It!

After celebrating this wonderful season of Lent and having a blessed Easter weekend, I would like to now officially shout from the rooftops:


I successfully abstained from Taylor Shopping for an entire 40 days. And guess what?

I don't feel like shopping at all. Seriously.

Yes, the minute I got home from the most beautiful sunrise service followed by the most delicious Waffle House breakfast, I got on my computer and bought some shoes (What? They were on super sale and I wanted them since the fall). But then after that? Nothing. Sure, I need some makeup. And there's a new lipstick I'd like to try. But after that...

I may have to see how far I can make this feeling go.

Moving along. I don't know why, but pink and blue together is just something I think I naturally rebel against. I had pink toe polish on this weekend, but I wanted to wear a blue dress, so the polish immediately came off. I have no idea why, but pink and blue just makes me feel like an 8 year old.

Update: I have totally figured out why.

Not me. But we've all stood in this sweet girl's shoes. In front of this hideous pink/blue laser background.
With our chins resting on our hands.


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