Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old Navy Dresses

Actually, none of them are navy. Yellow and green and white and strawberry...but no navy.

I'm sorry, guys. Sometimes I think I'm funny.

THIS NOT SHOPPING THING IS GETTING HARD. I love my Jesus, but I am so very, very ready to get back out there after Easter. So since I was getting restless, I decided to use this blog as an excuse to just try something on, already. And since Old Navy has their dresses on sale this week, that's what I tried on.

I did not buy a single thing.

The first three dresses may look like exactly the same dress and color, but they're not. The first two are the same color: one is a strawberry halter, the other is a strawberry tank dress with an elastic waist. The last dress is a red tank dress with no elastic at the waist, but instead it had some funky side seams. Funky in a good way, though. They were all super cute and super comfortable.

This next dress is for the best pal Adrienne. Hi, Adrienne!
We went shopping this weekend for Easter dresses after seeing The Hunger Games, and I kept telling her this was my favorite dress. It's awesomeness is only increased by the substitution of a patent grass green skinny belt. This one was also apparently featured in Lucky magazine. I really like it, so everyone, please don't go and buy all my sizes in the next 11 days.

This linen blend dress was really great. Totally casual. Everyone needs a white dress, even Pasty Legs McGee over here. I got so into this outfit that I even put all my accessories on with it, in an attempt to pretend that it actually was mine. It's on the list.

I just tried this on one for funsies, and it's FANTASTIC. Usually maxi dresses from Old Navy drag the floor on me, but this one grazed it just perfectly. It's a silky kind of fabric, but I would love to casual this down. Maybe with a fedora. Yes, with a fedora. And lots of bangles. And then I'd go to Wal-Mart.

Had to try it on because it was green, my new favorite color for 2012 (right up there with Pantone's choice of orange). Simple. And true green, not this blue green my camera phone captured.

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