Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How To Get What's Under My Tree

First of all, if you are a robber or a burgler, this post is not about how to break into my house and steal my presents. So you can leave now.

But thanks for stopping by!

Nope, this post is about how I chose to wrap my Christmas presents this year. I'm big on wrapping Christmas presents and I love, love LOVE everything about pretty paper. But I like to change it up every year, with different themes or color schemes. Last year, it was all about Initials:

But this year, I wanted my presents to match my overall decorations, so I chose to go silver and red. I got all my wrapping paper from Target. It's the "premiere" kind with glitter and sparkles. I've never had glittery or sparkly wrapping paper before. It's a little messy. Then I picked up my very favorite ribbon in the whole wide world--slightly see-through 1.5 inch red wired ribbon from Michaels and a smaller 1/2 inch red ribbon trimmed in silver as a backup. I also got a little miniture "paint can" of very plain paper board gift tags from Target.

Now here's where it gets all awesome. Pretty much the only thing I bought this year to decorate the house with were lots and lots of red, silver and white Christmas balls in various sizes and finshes--matte, shiny, glittery, etc. I had a lot of the smaller silver balls left over and so I decided to use them on my Christmas presents as a nice little finishing touch. And I'm very glad I did, because this year's Christmas presents may be my very favorite presents of all time.

I'll probably say that every year. I'm really into wrapping presents. I probably enjoy wrapping more than buying or giving. In fact, for the past few years, I've offered my wrapping services to family members who needed help just so that I could have something else to wrap.

It's bad for a while after I run out of Christmas presents.

But at least until this weekend, I have these beauties to look at, until family and friends tear into them and wad my pretty paper up into balls and stuff them into their garbage cans. Maybe I can at least get my ribbon back...

It's a wrap,



  1. they are too beautiful to unwrap! just tell everyone you're keeping their gifts as props until next year.

  2. I think it could work. There isn't anything with an expiration date under there!