Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beach Trip!!!

About once a year, when we are just getting into summer (but before it gets unbearably hot), I want to go to the beach. I was born at the beach and lived in Florida for five years, but I have never been a beach bum. The beach to me is very hot and crowded, I definitely don't have the skin for it, and there are sharks in the water that can eat you for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are not picky.

But last weekend, I went to the beach with some of my favorite people: Brandon, my best friend Adrienne and her husband Bryan. We stayed at Ft. Walton Beach, about 10 miles west of Destin. We were there Friday-Sunday, and we did a lot of shopping, boogie boarding, eating, and hanging out on the balcony until we all were about to fall asleep. It was very peaceful and un-crowded. It was so good, in fact, that I think I may want to go to the beach more than once this year.

With my best friend, Adrienne before dinner at the Old Bay Steamer. Everything is steamed there...did you know that??? We must have missed that part. Have you ever had steamed crab claws? :) Just kidding, it was good AND healthy.

This is my love, Brandon! I am trying to get him to go on more trips, but he is really busy with work right now. I have a hard time getting him to take pictures (which is sad, because I am a picture fiend), so I really enjoy when he takes cute pictures like this.

This is Adrienne and her husband, Bryan. We love hanging out with them because they always like to do the exact same things we like to do! Plus, they are hilarious! I love my friends!

Oh, yes, I was protected from the evil sun. First beach trip EVER that I did not get sunburned!

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